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Royal Enfield - Biker Since Three Centuries

Royal Enfield was the name under which the Enfield Cycle Company made motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers and stationary engines.Use of the brand name Royal Enfield was licensed by The Crown in 1890.

In 1956 Enfield of India started assembling Bullet motorcycles under licence from UK components, and by 1962 was manufacturing complete bikes. Enfield of India bought the rights to use the Royal Enfield name in 1995. Royal Enfield production, based in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai, continues and Royal Enfield is now the oldest motorcycle brand in the world still in production with the Bullet model enjoying the longest motorcycle production run of all time.

Latest Motor Cycles from Royal Enfield

ThunderBird -350
Thunderbird 350
ThunderBird – 500

Thunderbird 500

Classic Desert Storm
Classic Desert Storm
Classic Battle Green
Classic Military
Classic Chrome
Classic Chrome
Classic- 350

Classic – 500
Classic 500
Bullet – 500
Bullet 500

Bullet Electra EFI
Electra EFI
Bullet Electra Deluxe
Electra Deluxe
Bullet Electra TwinSpark
Electra Twin Spark

First World War (1911–1921)

In 1911, prior to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Enfield added the word "Royal" to its name. They supplied large numbers of motorcycles to the British War Department and also won a motorcycle contract for the Imperial Russian Government. Enfield used its own 225 cc two-stroke single and 425 cc V-twin engines. They also produced an 8 hp motorcycle sidecar model fitted with a Vickers machine gun.

Second World War (1939–1945)

During World War II, The Enfield Cycle Company was called upon by the British authorities to develop and manufacture military motorcycles. The models produced for the military were the WD/C 350 cc side valve, WD/CO 350 cc OHV, WD/D 250 cc SV, WD/G 350 cc OHV and WD/L 570 cc SV. One of the most well-known Enfield was the Royal Enfield WD/RE, known as the Flying Flea, a lightweight 125 cc motorcycle designed to be dropped by parachute with airborne troops.

Legends of Enfield
Royal Enfield Clipper

Indian Chief

Royal Enfield Interceptor

As far as the motorcycle brand goes, Royal Enfield is the only motorcycle brand to span three centuries, and is still going, with continuous production. Royal Enfield India is still manufacturing in India and is being sold in India and is also being exported to Europe as well as America, South Africa and Australia. Recently Royal Enfield has undergone a major retooling particularly in the engine department going from carburated cast iron engines to twin spark unit construction engine on all its models with EFI available on their flagship 500cc model. This retooling has sparked such an interest in these bikes that they have started double shifts at the plants.

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