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Mahindra & Mahindra - UVs, Automotive, Equipments & Products

India got independence in 1947. In  the same year a company's journey started along with the new India and has participated in a unique way in Indian growth story. In its own way this company is not less than a Crown Jewel of Indian Automobile market. I am speaking of none other than Mahindra & Mahindra, a US $16.2 billion corporation employing more than 155,000 people around the world 

In 1947, Mahindra introduced India to its first utility vehicle when it assembled completely knocked down (CKD) jeeps in India resembling the iconic Willys Jeep.  Rough, uncertain driving conditions across the country led Mahindra to design its own powerful, handle-anything UV—the MM540.  More than 65 years later, it is still India's premier utility vehicle (UV) company. Today, in addition to making groundbreaking UVs like the Scorpio and Bolero, Mahindra offers cars, electric vehicles,pickups, and commercial vehicles that are rugged, reliable, environmentally friendly, and fuel-efficient. 

Mahindra Scorpio -  The Performer

Today The Mahindra Group comprises ten business sectors—Aftermarket, Automotive & Farm Equipment, Defense Systems, Financial Services, Hospitality, Information Technology, Real Estate, Systech, Two Wheelers and Mahindra Partners—with a presence in 18 industries.

The acquisition of the Ssangyong Motor Company in 2011, brought a major South Korean utility manufacturer with a presense in more than 90 coutries into the Mahindra fold. This means one can find Mahindra vehicles on the roads—both paved and unpaved—of Australia, Europe, America, Malaysia, South Korea, and South Africa.

Global Presence of Mahindra Automotive 

United States

Mahindra entered  into the US market in 1994, as Mahindra USA ans has been achieving consistently a very high customer satisfaction rate.  Mahindra USA sells planes to the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary arm of the US Air Force, through their subsidiary Gippsland Aeronautics.

This company supplies prominent American companies with components.  Mahindra Ugine Steel Co and Mahindra Gears and Transmissions both work with Caterpillar and John Deere, and Mahindra Composites supplies to GE.  From their office in Ohio, Mahindra Engineering Services provides GM with engineering consulting.  And also help several American companies source high quality, low cost inputs from India through contract sourcing business.

Mahindra PickUps


Presence in Europe is anchored in several industries.  In agriculture, it is a major supplier of small, rugged, high performance tractors to Serbia, Turkey, and Macedonia. Mahindra also exports fresh Indian produce to European retailers through Mahindra ShubhLabh Services.
Many Mahindra vehicles are sold across Europe, including on of the largest deployed fleets of electric cars under the Mahindra Reva brand. Automotive components companies, Mahindra Forgings, Mahindra Composites, Mahindra Hinoday, Mahindra Gears and Transmissions, and Mahindra Ugine Steel Co manufacture a range of high quality parts for outstanding European companies including Volvo, Scania, Land Rover, Daimler, and Renault, to name a few. Mahindra Automotives has plants across Germany, the UK, and Italy. Their Motorcycle racing divison, Mahindra Racing, is based out of Switzerland and Italy and successfully competes in the Moto3 world championship and the Italian national championship.

Mahindra Reva - The Electric Car

South America

Mahindra Reva electric cars can be found on roads through Central and South America along with a range of diesel Mahindra vehicles. Also Mahindra sells "Rakshak" armored vehicles to the government of Guyana through their defense products company, Defence Land Systems. The products delivered to rural and agricultural areas are designed for high performance in local conditions. The tractors sold to farmers in Chile and Brazil are calibrated for local topography and farming functions, and Powerol diesel generators ensure uninterrupted power supplies in areas with unreliable electric grids.

Mahindra Trucks


Involvement in agriculture includes the distribution of fresh produce to retailers in Southeast Asia through Mahindra Shublabh Services and the production of tractors for use in China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.  In the past few years, two joint ventures were initiated in China to manufacture top-quality tractors suited to Chinese farming conditions and practices. Also various high quality automotive parts are sold to Maruti and Suzuki, Mitsuba and Toyota.

Mahindra vehicles are at work transporting goods and people in Malaysia, and the Mahindra Reva electric car enjoys a presence.  Their automotive consulting company, Mahindra Engineering Services, works with both Yamaha and Nissan to develop better products and better production systems.  The state-of-the-art Rakshak armored vehicles are sol to the government of Nepal through their defense products company, Defence Land Systems.

Mahindra XUV


Parts from Mahindra can be found in iconic aircraft from the Boeing 737 to the Gulfstream G150 to the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft. Also engineering consulting services are provided to Seabird Aviation through Mahindra Engineering Services.

With the launch of tractor assembly and customer support center in 2005, Mahindra established itself as a major player in the Australian tractor market. Today, they serve a loyal and growing customer base through a network of 40 dealerships across Australia, and also expanded distribution to New Zealand and Fiji.

Finally, the automotive sector offers rugged multi-utility vehicles to adventurous Australian customers who relish their high performance both on and off the road.

Middle East & Africa

Powerol diesel generator sets are providing uninterrupted power supplies in both the Middle East and Africa, delivering stable electricity to businesses and homes to raise both economic vitality and living standards. Hardworking & reliable tractors are supplied to Iran, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East and Nigeria, Mali, Chad, Gambia, Angola, Sudan, Ghana, and Morocco in Africa to help mechanize farming processes and boost agricultural productivity. Mahindra vehicles are also sold in South Africa, and their steel company, Intertrade, maintains a key steel service facility at Sharjah.  


                   Mahindra vehicles meet global regulatory requirements such as End of Life Vehicles Directive (ELV) in the European Union (EU). All EU export vehicles are ELV certified, ensuring safe dismantling and recycling of fluids  in environment friendly manner, meeting recycling target of 85% and recovery standard of 95% where not more than 5% of the vehicle weights are sent to landfill.

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers was set up in 2007 to push their technology to the edge. M&M designed and built a greenfield facility at Chakan, near Pune, Maharashtra, to integrate the best in technology, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and operational excellence.  Spread across 700 acres and planted with approximately 10,000 trees, Chakan offers a flexible and eco-friendly manufacturing layout for multiple Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs), sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and commercial vehicles that allows us to respond rapidly to changing customer needs. 

With a current capacity of 3.2 million vehicles per year and a future-ready expandable module setup, M&M has the flexibility to constantly innovate and adapt to changes in market demand or customer requirements in medium and heavy commercial vehicle range including the 0.75 ton Maxximo, Single and Double Cab Pik-Ups and the whole new range of Mahindra Trucks.

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