Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Parle Agro

           Parle Agro says " We are a Little Juicy and Bubbly Bunch" about themselves. This is very  true as per their products. Having Commenced operations in 1984, it started with beverages, and later diversified into bottled water in 1993. Then it entered plastic packaging in1996  and most recently into the world of confectionary in 2007. Frooti, the first product rolled out in 1985, became the largest selling mango drink in India. 

           Parle Agro is the inventor and introducer of the brands like Thums Up, Limca and Maaza to Indians. Later these products were sold to Coca Cola in 1993.  Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailey are the most famous brands owned by Parle Agro. In 2005 it launched, Appy Fizz which is India’s first sparkling apple drink available in a champagne shaped PET bottle. In 2008 another leap was taken by launching Grappo Fizz as a younger brother to Appy Fizz. Later in 2009 a non- carbonated lemon drink ( nimbu paani ) was launched under the Brand Name : "LMN" . Saint Juice is another drink from this family which as they say is "a simple recipe - handpick fruits happily crushed and squeezed into packs. Nothing more is added.Nor is anything taken away" 

Cafe Cuba : Latest Bevarage from Parle Agro

           Launched in 19 May 2013,It's a new product & first of its kind. It is a carbonated Cuban coffee, more of a bottled Espresso and I hope it will be a trend setter as its predecessors.
Flavour : Strong Coffee with little sugar, Helps to activate your energy levels up high.

Hippo : First Snack from Parle Agro

           Hippo is a healthy snack launched in 2008 and avaialble in 5 different flavours - Italian Pizza, Chinese Manchurian, Hot-n-Sweet Tomato, Thai Chilli and Yoghurt Mint Chutney. 

Also following Confectionary items have been launched which are eshtablished products in the category
  • Mintrox mints (launched in 2008), hard mint candy available in 2 flavors
  • Buttercup candies (launched in 2008), hard boiled candy; it is targeted at kids and adults alike.
  • Buttercup Softease, a toffee available in 4 flavors
  • Softease Mithai, a toffee available in 3 flavors

Parle Agro has been in the business of refreshing india since almost 3 decodes and has been doing a very good job at it. Also the company sees a lot of progress and diversification ion the coming years.

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